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Valuable pregnancy guidance from a qualified and passionate doula.  In your Pregnancy Diary you will be met with words of wisdom, practical skills of birth preparation, weekly inspirational quotes and imagery to remind you of the beautiful and blessed journey that you and your child are on.
There is also space to capture your thoughts and feelings together with how your beliefs have enhanced your pregnancy experience.


From the Brooke, the author:

Feelosophy of Birth is a journal for pregnancy and aims to be a pregnant woman's best friend. I designed it to guide her with questions especially created to ignite the answers from within and to help unravel the experiences that lie ahead. It is a helping hand when she may doubt herself or feel overwhelmed with the many choices that pregnancy and birthing bring.

This journal will act as a daily reminder to trust and delve into the sacred journey of pregnancy. The inspirational quotes accompany weekly wisdom from an experienced pregnancy and birth coach and with this knowledge and guidance; she can be assured that anything is possible. Each day she is asked to explore what she is grateful for and how that attitude brings even more to be thankful for.

Feelosophy of Birth is more than just a journal. It is an opportunity for growth, for women to reconnect with their strength and wisdom that may have been lost as the birth process evolved from a deeply connected inner knowing to its present place of doubt and disconnect. 

Using Feelosophy of Birth journal is a way to restore a woman's faith in herself and her body as she brings her baby into being.

What is Feelosophy?

Feelosophy of birth is a way to unravel and become conscious of how you feel about birth; to understand where those feelings have come from, and to forge a clearer path forward. It may at times be muddy but by working through your fears, doubts and insecurities you will gain a greater understanding of the birth you wish to create for you and your child.

I created this journal through a desire to empower as many women as I could to take ownership of their births, to uncover their true potential and start living consciously, in an unconscious world.

 Dare to be different, to explore your feelings, beliefs and desires. Birth your baby from a place of knowing what your body, mind and spirit are capable of. If we are to understand birth and all that it entails we must first approach it was a journey of self-discovery, as a baby grows so does a mother.


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