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Gratitude as a Devotional Practice

Presence: Gratitude is not just about giving thanks for what is going well... It is a deep acceptance and honouring of what is here in this present moment.

You cannot force acceptance; it unfolds through releasing any resistance to what is.

As a result, the awareness broadens, the senses expand, and we begin to notice the finer details of life again.... now we are no longer consumed by the immediate emotions and thoughts that come with unpleasant events.

Becoming Devotional: When we make Gratitude a devotional practice, we honour life - all of itk the pleasant and the unpleasant, by offering our full Presence to what is here.

We allow life to be.

In turn, the struggle dissolves.

It does not meant the event was ok, however it makes everything we are feeling about the event ok.

The moment we give our full awareness to our aching back, our breaking heart and our tired body, is the moment that we offer our presence and aliveness to life as it exists in THIS moment.

This is what makes Gratitude a devotional practice.

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