Wholesale Box of 12 - 6 x 2024 Gratitude Diary & 6 x 2024 Astro Diary



Introducing the 2024 GRATITUDE DIARY

The Gratitude Diary is so much more than just a diary… a daily companion, confidante and a sacred space for growth and healing.
* Our 15th year in production, highly regarded by customers from all around the world
* A beautifully designed diary and daily planner with divinely-inspired artwork and images by Spiritual Artist, Melissa Williams
* Cloth cover, ribbon bookmarks, useful rear elastic hold-all closure
* 440 pages, including a page for each day of the year
* Includes inspirational quotes, gratitude and intention prompts, moon and astrological guidance, interesting commentaries.
Introducing the 2024 ASTRO DIARY
Travelling with the Sun - Guided by the Stars - Aligning with the Cosmic Dance21st December 2023 - 1st January 2025
* Divine Artwork | Inspirational Writings | Major Astrological Transits 
* A day-to-day Diary - with current transits in the footnotes
* A week ahead page for bullet-point planning
* Follows the Sun's journey through the 12 signs
* Moon Cycle - New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter
* Eclipses and Major Transits
* Mercury through the Signs - including Mercury Retrograde
* Sun, Venus and Mars through the Signs 
* Prompts and journaling space with each major transit

This is an invitation to experience and deepen your understanding of Astrology. Discover and experience how celestial influences are expressed in your life as you are guided through the year of 2024.

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