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The Healing Journal is a woman's guide to Calm, Comfort & Healing.If you're navigating a cancer journey.If you're feeling overwhelmed, alone and afraid.If you long to feel understood and supported.If you're needing guidance and clarity (Or supporting a loved one who is)

Then the…Healing Journal from cancer thriver Cindy Scott, is for you.
Cindy's trusted guidebook is your permission slip to heal your body, mind and soul…
In this journal

  • A book of inspiration + hope
  • 12 steps to thriving with cancer
  • Healing journal space
  • Design + live your best life
  • Live fearlessly beyond cancer
  • Wisdom + gifts from a cancer thriver

Healing Journal - The Gift Of Cancer has been created by Cindy Scott for those wishing to capture and reflect on their cancer journey through writing, from diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, or are already down the path of treatment, this journal is a safe space to write on a variety of topics. From the stages of grief, denial and anger, to loneliness, positive mindset, envisioning, gratitude - guided writing prompts are provided every step of the way.
This journal provides an opportunity to lean into your feelings, to release that which needs to be expressed. And to make peace.

Through the proven therapeutic benefits of writing, this journal will allow you to self-explore, heal and enhance the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul as you traverse the journey of cancer.
This journal can also be a gift to people who you know are struggling with a cancer diagnosis. In a time when you want to help and don't know how, this can help.

Proceeds of each book sale will be directed to organisations finding a cure for this insidious disease so we can enjoy a cancer-free world.

About the Author

In the midst of chemo treatment, two-time survivor Cindy Scott began journaling to find calm and give meaning to a second brush with breast cancer. She had never intended to share her journal entries until a friend suggested she write a book so that she might help others going through a similar journey. The Healing Journal is that book; the divine guidebook Cindy wished she had received on diagnosis.

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